Ministers of the Eucharist can bring Communion to the sick and housebound.  To arrange this please e-mail the Parish Office

Parish preparation for First Communion

Each year we have up to 150 children in the parish preparing for First Communion. We are very lucky here in Mount Merrion to have such a great collaboration between the schools, families and the Parish Team. All of which makes for a very vibrant and significant faith experience for the children who are involved.

In September we, Fr. Tony and Caroline (Parish Catechist) visit the 2nd Class children in the three parish schools. We meet with their teachers and plan for the year ahead. Then we meet with the parents of those making First Communion and have an information night where parents are invited to join our planning team for the “Do this In Memory Programme”. It is a great way to bring all those involved from the three schools together.

It is also we have found over the years the way to build community here in the parish and involve parents and families in the ongoing experience and spiritual noursihment of their children and indeed themselves. The parents Planning Team and coordinators and the Family Mass Group work together with great energy and commitment to create a very enjoyable Sunday Mass each month that focuses on the children preparing for First Communion.

During the year we (Fr. Tony and Caroline) regularly visit the children and have them over to the church for different events. There is also preparation and child centred approach to their First Penance which takes place in the Spring.
Fr. Tony, Caroline