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Funeral Ministry Team

Funeral Ministry Team

Funeral Ministry support at the time of Bereavement.

This support is offered by members of the Funeral Ministry Team and has been an integral part of all funerals that take place in the Parish of Mount Merrion since Easter 2010. The support is done in collaboration with the priests of the parish who work closely with the Team.

The support from the Funeral Ministry team includes:

  • Meeting the breaved family and assisting with the preparation of the liturgy for the Reception of the Remains and the Funeral Mass.
  • Being present in the Church for the Reception of the Remains and Funeral Mass and assisting the breaved family
  • On occasions attending the graveside or crematorium when the priest is unavailable
  • The team has prepared a Funeral Mass Liturgy Booklet to help families prepare the funeral liturgy
  • November Mass for the Bereaved Families is celebrated on the first Sunday in November; this is prepared by the Funeral Ministry team, Youth Group and Celebrant. Families who have been bereaved during the year are invited to participate in this special Mass.
  • The funeral team can be contacted through the Parish Office by phone @ 01 288 1271

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