The Family Offering is the main source of income for the Parish. Although various other collections and contributions / dues are made in the Parish, only the Family Offering is retained. It is out of this collection that the day-to-day expenses, salaries (including Parish employees), repairs, all pastoral developments and communications are financed. All other collections Christmas and Easter dues are sent to the Dublin Diocese from there they are used to meet various other expenses and support other services in the Diocese, including priests’ salaries as they are paid centrally. Collections Christmas and Easter Dues These funds are used to support the Parish clergy and the sick and retired priests of the Diocese. Dues are payable at Christmas and Easter. Envelopes are delivered to homes and are made available also in the church porches. Weekend Mass Collections There are two collections during the Sunday Masses:

  • The first collection is for the support of the priests of the Parish and the sick and retired priests of the Diocese
  • The second collection is for SHARE – the diocesan fund which supports the development of new parishes and other needy parishes

Family Offering This contribution is made directly to and retained by the Parish. Typically it is made by Standing Order on a monthly basis. It can also be made by once-off cash / cheque (marked Family Offering) through the Parish Office. If you wish to make a contribution, or to increase one which has been in place for some time, please download the relevant form here and return to the Parish Office. Your contribution is gratefully received. Tax relief Tax relief on contributions are an important source of funding for the Parish. Where cumulative donations by a parishioner in any calendar year is in excess of €250 a refund of tax relief is available directly to the Parish. If you have made contributions in excess of €250 the Parish Office will contact you to complete the relevant form. If this hasn’t happened we would be grateful if you could complete the relevant form and return it to the Parish Office. However, if you have already completed an enduring certificate (which lasts for 5 years) there is no need to complete one every year. Finance Committee In accordance with diocesan regulations, the Finance Committee advises and assists the Parish Priest in managing the parish finances, preparing annual budgets and accounts, fund-raising, and maintenance of parish property. The role of the Committee is to: • Assist the Parish Priests in overseeing and managing the financial affairs of the Parish. • Review the Annual Appeal Report. • Review the audited accounts of the Parish finances. • Consider proposals for renovations and maintenance of Parish buildings and facilities. • Make recommendations on the behalf of tax relief schemes for the benefit of the Parish. The current members of the Finance Committee are Andy Butler (Chair), David Gavagan, Justin Bailey and Denis Hannigan.  Click here to see a list of the latest Parish Accounts Page 1 Published Accounts 2017 Published Accounts 2017