Parish preparation for Confirmation

Each year we have up to 150 children in the parish preparing for Confirmation. We are very lucky here in Mount Merrion to have such a great collaboration between the schools, families and the Parish Team. All of which makes for a very vibrant and significant faith expereince for the children who are involved.

In September we, Fr. Tony and Caroline (Parish Catechist) visit 6th class children in the three parish schools. We meet with their teachers and plan for the year ahead.

For the 6th class children making confirmation we have a number of special gatherings for them during the year where again the children from the three schools come together with their families. We take the children for a day of retreat fun and reflection in the last few weeks before their confirmation day.

In February/March we have a parish based programme “YOU SHALL BE MY WITNESS” for those making Confirmation who wish to attend. It runs for 4 weeks in the evening and is a really fun and creative way for the children to explore what confirmation means and to meet each other outside of the classroom. Please keep an eye out in the Parish Newsletter and noticeboards for all the information over the months ahead.

All of these events go a very long way to make it a happy and child centred year for the parish here in Mount Merrion. We look forward once again to being involved with all of those making Confirmation in the coming year and to meeting parents, teachers and all involved in the next few months.

Fr. Tony,