Papal Mass Prohibited Items
– Air horns
– Animals (other than registered guide dogs)
– Alcohol
– Any item which may resonably be considered for use as a weapon
– Banners of any size
– Bicycles
– Cans
– Camping/Cooking Equipment
– Cooler Boxes or Large Containers
– Crash Helmets or Protective Headwear, or Protective Clothing
– Deckchairs, Garden Furniture, Blow Up Furniture, Folding Armchairs, Shooting Sticks Stools
– Drones
– Excessive amounts of Batteries, Wires, Cables or Electrical Components
– Fireworks and Flares
– Flagpoles
– Glass Bottles
– Illegal Substances/Illegal Merchandise of Any Description
– Large Prams
– Large umbrellas
– Large Chains, Spiked Bracelets or Wallet Chains
– Large Banners, Flags, Placards or Posters Including Sticks
– Laser/Laser Pens
– Mobility Scooters
– Selfie Sticks
– Smoke Cannisters
– Sound systems
– Spray Cans