It has been very heartening to see almost everyone coming into the church wearing a mask, sanitising their hands and finding a seat in the green areas which are clearly marked. So, in general we have adapted very well to the regulations governing our indoor gatherings for worship. There are two areas that we need to be attentive to. Firstly, to be aware that there are three sections in the church, each with its own door and the rules demand that we don’t move from one section to another during our time in the church. Each section has a maximum capacity of 50, and that number is permissible only where social distancing allows and each area is at least 4 metres from the others. The main body of the church is one section and clearly it could hold more than 50 people, but that is the maximum number allowed. Then entering at the side door and coming through to Our Lady’s Altar section there is space for about 30 people depending on how many family groups gather and sit together. Finally, the entrance to the Organ and Choir area is through the sacristy door and across the sanctuary. This area is primarily for singers, musicians and ministers. We are all indebted to the stewards who have given a great amount of time to ensure that our gatherings are compliant and safe for everyone. The second area is the communion line, it is very important that we come down the centre, in single file social distancing, and return by the sides. Please indicate to the ministers if a member of the congregation needs communion brought to their seat. As we know communion is received in the hand. Thanks to all who have given their offerings for the Priests and Share by envelope, cash in the bucket or online. It is vital for the parish, priests and diocese to have a constant income to maintain our services. Finally, it has been most uplifting to see the numbers coming to Mass increase each week. Last Sunday we probably had more people in the church at 10.00 and 11.15am than we are actually allowed. So please do come to an evening mass if you can, and if you’ve been able to come during the week please consider viewing the live streaming of the liturgy for the weekend. If you can do volunteer to help with stewarding and sanitising. Email

Fr. Joe