I saw a message online from Charlie Bird with an update on his condition and mention that he is now under hospice care where he lives in Wicklow. He said that his great hope is to meet his end, at home, surrounded by those who love him the most. He also gave a little plug for the Hospice coffee morning to come. His courage and resilience as he lives with MND is so reminiscent of Fr Tony, whose 4th anniversary we mark next week on August 29th. We continue to thank God for Fr Tony’s life and ministry and the many ways he inspired people to reflect on the gift of life, the call of Christ and to live the Gospel message of love and joy. May his encouragement for prayer, lay ministry, for life long learning and an inclusive and progressive Church continue to bear fruit. This vision of Church is captured within the Synodal Process of renewal that continues to unfold at this time, with a special focus on creation and the church being a home for all and welcoming place for the poor and marginalised. It is our common task to bring this to life, here and now, by the way we share our gifts, time and talent and commit to enthusiastic service within the faith community. The power of change is in our hands and the Spirit of God is alive and active in our midst.

End of the summer schedule of weekend Masses.
This weekend we conclude the summer schedule and return from Sept 2nd to the familiar schedule of Masses. Any feedback on the experience of the summer schedule is welcome and the Parish Pastoral Council would be happy to hear comments from parishioners.