Our readings this week lead us to contemplate Christ’s self-sacrificing love. We are asked to follow him, the Wisdom of God incarnate.

The First Reading states bluntly that we have enough difficulty grasping the world around us, so how can we understand the mind of God? Only through the gift of Wisdom might we begin to do so.

The Psalm expresses confidence in the Lord. Despite the transience of life, may God give us ‘wisdom of heart’.

Paul, in his letter to Philemon, appeals to him to welcome back a runaway slave. May he do this in a real spirit of Christian brotherhood. (Second Reading)

The Gospel gives us Jesus’s teaching on true discipleship. This requires total commitment and will affect our nearest and dearest.

This week, may we consider our freedom as children of God, and not be enslaved by our desires.

We continue to pray for the peace of the world, and for all who suffer.