This Sunday’s readings lead us to ponder the gift of hospitality; the giving and receiving we experience. May we learn to welcome our Lord who wishes to dwell with us.

In the First Reading, Abraham gives us the example of Bedouin hospitality. In welcoming three strangers, he welcomes his Lord and receives the good news that Sarah will conceive a son.

In the Psalm it is we who are invited to come into the Lord’s presence. And what are our dispositions?

In the Second Reading from Colossians, Paul speaks of sharing in the sufferings of Christ. It is our choice to receive this message –that of Christ among us, the hope of our glory.

In the Gospel, the story of Martha and Mary, we learn of the importance of presence to the other, of stillness, of attentive listening, and of hospitality.

May we be aware this week of our attitude to others.
Do we welcome them, do we listen …?

We continue to pray for the peace of the world, and for all who suffer.