During the past year the Dublin Archdiocese has really been encouraging us all to think in terms of our ‘Partnership of parishes’ and to change, adapt and benefit from this new configuration. The ‘Building Hope Initiative’ is the name given to this process and there are many materials available on the diocesan website to help us understand the challenge and to put it into action. Here in Kilmacud-Mount Merrion-Clonskeagh we have been collaborating for almost 10 years already. This began with the priest in charge being assigned responsibility for overseeing the three parishes. When I was appointed there was no ambiguity, as I was assigned the role of moderator of the three parishes. Now every parish in the Dublin Diocese is grouped with a number of neighbouring parishes and everyone is developing these new working relationships. Some groups have reflected on the many advantages of this model and have chosen a name for their grouping. I wonder if anyone has a suggestion for a name for our three parishes working in partnership? With the new schedule of Masses for the summer we have an opportunity to move from our familiar place of worship and join with the congregation next door, perhaps because the time suits us better, or maybe just to indicate a willingness to embrace this change. In the short term we will have to plan to make this arrangement work well for us all and that may begin with sharing some training and talks, perhaps some of the ministries working between the parishes and possibly more collaboration between the music ministries for example. As with all partnerships the success of this model depends on relationships, friendships, time and experiences shared, courage and flexibility. The pace of change might not suit everyone but as we all know change in inevitable and nothing remains the same for ever.