Greetings Friends and Parishioners of Mount Merrion! Thank you all for getting in touch about our Walk of Remembrance. It has been a pleasure to chat and reminisce with everybody. I must say the positive response has been quite overwhelming. It means a great deal to myself and my family to feel and hear how warmly you all regard Tony even after all this time.

Unfortunately, and fortunately too, the response has been so good that the available places have quickly become oversubscribed. With the limited spaces available it has been a very difficult task to disappoint so many. May I say that the kindness and understanding shown by everyone in this regard has greatly helped to alleviate my own disappointment. I would also like to thank everybody for the promised prayers and best wishes given towards a safe and successful first Walk of Remembrance.
Warmest regards to you all, Kieran.
Hope begins with one step; change happens with many {Fr. Tony}