This Sunday we enter into the beautiful season of Advent.  Our attitude at this time is one of watching and waiting, and the graces to pray for are joy and hope.  Our weary world is in so much need of this spirit, and of the light and peace of the coming Christ.

The First Reading from Isaiah looks forward to the time when the whole world will be gathered together in the peace of God’s kingdom.

The Psalm – one for pilgrims going joyfully up to Jerusalem  picks up this theme. They pray for peace: peace in the city, in their homes, and among all whom they know.

The Second Reading from the letter to the Romans is a reminder to ‘wake up’, for salvation is near. It is also an encouragement to live in the light.

Jesus tells us in the Gospel to stay awake  we must not become so engrossed in our daily lives that we are unprepared when the Lord comes.

Let us renew our spirit of joyful hope this week.