‘Peace be with you!’ With these words the Risen Lord stood amongst his fear-filled followers (Gospel). He breathed the Holy Spirit upon them. With their hearts filled with joy, Jesus sent them out to bring the fire of his love to all.

With the Holy Spirit transforming their lives, the disciples began speaking in many different languages (First Reading). Christ was calling them to share the Gospel to the whole world. We too are baptised in this same Spirit.

Each of us has been given a unique gift, so that together as a community we become the risen Christ, bringing love and goodness to all people (Second Reading). Filled with the Holy Spirit we become a new creation in the Lord.

The Psalm joyfully proclaims a time of rejuvenation as the spirit of the Lord moves over the earth.

On this Pentecost Sunday, let us ask for a spirit of renewal for the whole Christian community. We pray that we may overcome any fear, doubt or differences, and be united in giving expression to the joy of Resurrection, each of us doing so in our own unique way, whilst rooted in the same spirit of transforming love.