Every time I meet or chat with Fr Donie he shares just how many people have asked him about how I’m getting on, so to ease the demands on him, and others, to answer that question I thought it might be a good idea to give a little update myself.

It’s just about 6 weeks now since I had surgery to remove my problematic prostate. The operation was both uncomplicated and successful, and to date I’ve had no set backs at all. So, I’ve been experiencing the miracle of healing, discovering that the body is programmed to repair itself, that pain and discomfort which were so evident in the first couple of weeks somehow dissipate and day by day strength returns. I will be a happier man when the waterworks begin to function normally and exercise and excursions will be manageable again.

At a time like this one of the joys is being on the receiving end of care and support. I have three sisters and they generously made themselves available, in a rota, so that I had company and an extra set of hands for the first couple of weeks. During this time family, friends and parishioners have offered prayers and support and endless little moments of kindness have helped keep me in good spirits. Cards have dropped thought the letter box, texts and messages popped up on the phone all offering a kind and encouraging word. For some strange reason, many of those who have been in touch encourage me to take whatever time is necessary to heal, advising me not to rush back, to have patience, not an easy mind set for me!

I guess this is about the half way point and I imagine that getting back to work by the end of March is entirely likely. I really appreciate the extra effort that the other members of the team here are making to allow me this space, everyone has been so generous and understanding. Thank you all and I hope to see you soon when health and strength are restored.