In the scriptures this week, we read of God’s self-revelation and of his relationship with his people. This relationship is one of great love, but also contains an awareness of our fragility. Hence we heard of God’s warnings, his continuous forgiveness and patience, and his offers to us to start again.

The First Reading from Exodus recounts the call of Moses and the revelation of God’s sacred name.

St Paul, in the Second Reading, reminds us that, although we are baptized, we too can fall, as the chosen people did, despite being guided by Moses.

Jesus, in the Gospel, calls us to repentance, but reminds us, in the parable of the fig tree, that God is slow to anger and rich in mercy.

We can therefore join with the Psalmist in praise and thanksgiving to the God of compassion and love.

Perhaps this week, we can allow our readings to remind us not to be complacent, but to listen to God’s word and never forget his blessings.