As Ordinary Time continues, we are still in the central part of Matthew’s Gospel where Jesus is teaching by means of parables. Today we have four more parables to add to the four already heard over the last couple of Sundays. These parables stress in particular the great value of the kingdom.

In the First Reading we have the narrative of the young king Solomon asking God for the gift of wisdom, so as to discern the true value of things and rule his people with understanding.

The verses taken from the Psalm extol the value of God’s law, a treasure that brings true happiness.

St Paul, in the Second Reading, reveals the mutuality between the faithful follower and the generosity of the Father, who will justify and glorify those he has called.

In the Gospel the kingdom of heaven is likened to finding a treasure and selling everything to possess it. Good and bad coexist until the time of final judgment.

Maybe this week we can pray for the grace to recognize the kingdom amongst us and around us.