This Sunday’s readings focus on God being at our side at all times. Through our belief in the resurrection, we are his children. Our God is the God of the living.

In the First Reading it is this belief in the resurrection that gives strength to a mother and her seven children to endure martyrdom, rather than prove unfaithful to the Law.

The Psalm is a prayer of trust in God who answers the petitioner’s cry.

In the Second Reading Paul prays for the young church in Thessalonica that they may remain strong and faithful to Christ Jesus in the sure hope of his coming again. The Lord is always faithful, so they can be confident and turn their hearts towards the love of God.
In the Gospel, Jesus answers a treacherous query from the Sadducees. They try to ridicule his belief in the resurrection, but he explains that they have not understood at all the transformation which will take place at the time of resurrection. He does this by using arguments from the Pentateuch which, being Sadducees, they have to accept. Jesus is the God of the living.

This week, perhaps, we could reflect on the arguments and the words we use to explain our faith to non-believers, and try to encourage others above all through our example.