After reflection on the recent visit of Pope Francis to Ireland and his desire to hear the voices of the voiceless, I feel it’s important to identify two particular groups who are perhaps on the margins of our church and whose voices are not fully heard. I identify these groups as firstly, the LGBT community and secondly, women. In order that voices from these groups are more fully heard, I would like to invite anyone in our parishes from the LGBT Community, for a conversation and social evening with refreshments, to my house at 79 The Rise, Mount Merrion on 18th October at 7.30pm. This invitation is also inspired by the book by Fr James Martin SJ called Building A Bridge, which I would highly recommend we all read.
My invitation is sincere and offered with humility so that we can all listen to each other with respect and dignity at this meeting in order to find a way to begin to cross the bridge together. Finally, I’ve invited a small group to begin to find ways of more fully hearing the voices of women in our parish.

Thank you for all your support in my illness. Keep up the prayers as every day I pray for you too. Fr Tony