This Sunday, following the predictions Jesus gave of his suffering and death, we contemplate our Saviour and the implications for us, his followers.

The First Reading comes from part of Isaiah’s last song of the suffering servant. It foretells Jesus taking on our faults, and speaks not only of his Passion, but also his glory.

The Psalm sings of God’s love as he rescues those who hope in him.

The writer of the letter to the Hebrews presents Jesus as human and weak like us, but also as the supreme high priest. We can be confident that he will always help us.

In the Gospel, James and John hope for privileged places in the kingdom, but learn that they, like Jesus, must go through suffering and death. They are asked to serve, not to dominate.

Perhaps this week we can deepen our understanding of what Christ has won for us, and express our gratitude through service of others.