Central to today’s readings is God the giver of life. We are encouraged to have faith in the Lord and in the life that God brings – not just here on earth, but also in heaven.

The passage from the Book of Wisdom in the First Reading, reminds us that God creates all things to have life, and to live that life well, resisting the temptations the evil one will bring.

In the Second Reading, St Paul offers guidance on responding to the many kinds of gifts that come from living that life well. We’re not asked to make things harder for ourselves – but to use whatever surplus we have to share those gifts with others.

The Psalm gives us a song of praise and thanks for the gift of life, and the healing promise of the Lord. With the psalmist we can rejoice in the knowledge that the Lord comes to the help of those who call, regardless of our worthiness.

Through the miracles Jesus works in the Gospel, we are reminded once more of the healing, comfort, and new life that can be ours, if we but trust in the gift of faith.

During the week ahead, I may like to use my time in prayer with the Lord to ask for my own faith to continue to increase, so that I will have more than enough to offer those who are struggling with theirs.