We have now emerged from Eastertide – for last Sunday we celebrated the feast of Pentecost. Today’s feast of the Most Holy Trinity seems to enclose the Paschal season and the whole liturgical year in our celebration of the central mystery of our faith.

Moses, in the First Reading, reminds the people of all that God has done for them. He is the one God, majestic and powerful, yet close to them.

The Psalm praises God for his love and faithfulness. God is the hope of all who revere him.

St Paul, in our Second Reading, reminds us that we have received the Spirit as sons and daughters of the Father, whom, like Christ, we can call Abba.

In the Gospel the disciples receive the commission to go forth and baptize all nations in the name of the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

This week, we pray to grasp something of the mystery of the blessed Trinity as we contemplate these scriptural texts.