The readings for this final Sunday of Eastertide remind us again of all the graces we have received through Jesus’s death and resurrection, and the joy which comes from knowing just how much we are loved by God.

In the First Reading, we hear of the election of Matthias, who takes the place of Judas, ‘the one who chose to be lost’. He joins the Apostles as one who gives witness to the wonder of the Lord’s Resurrection.

The short Psalm extract reflects the enormity of God’s love, and the boundless depths of his forgiveness – a theme expanded further in the Second Reading. Here, John’s letter reminds us that it is because God loved us first with such infinite love, that we must love one another. Through Jesus’s sacrifice, we are saved and can live as one with God, with Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

In the Gospel, we hear Jesus himself as he intercedes for the disciples and for us – asking his Father for everything he knows we need as he sends us out into the world.

During the coming week, let’s pray for the grace to recognise the gifts we have been given, and for a greater awareness of how we can use them in showing our love for others.