“Great is your faith!” Jesus commended the faith of the woman from Canaan (Matthew 15:28), one of the many times that he engaged with women, applauding and encouraging their particular faith and insight.

In this retreat, Mike Drennan SJ will look at the patterns of discipleship offered by a number of women about whom we read in the Gospels. Named women such as Elizabeth, Mary and Anna are models of faith and are joined by their anonymous sisters – among them the woman from Samaria, the woman in Simon’s house and the woman with the haemmorage – in attracting Jesus’ attention and admiration.


Participants will be emailed a link each day between Monday 6 July and Saturday 11 July 2020. The email will give

  • access to an online video presentation by Mike
  • a link to a page with associated poems scripture references – pointers to particular poems to encourage personal reflection and prayer.
  • an opportunity to respond to the presentation
  • access to a daily evening session at 7:00 p.m. when Mike will respond to questions or comments from that day’s presentation. There will also be reflection and prayer led by Aileen Murphy RLR each evening at this time
  • Cost €60.00