O almighty and eternal God,
refreshment in our weariness, support in weakness:
from you all creatures receive energy, existence and life.

We come to you to invoke your mercy because
today we know deeply the fragility of our human condition
as we live in the midst of a new viral epidemic.

We entrust the sick and their families to you:
bring healing to their body, their mind and their spirit.

Help all members of society to carry out their tasks well
and strengthen the spirit of solidarity among them.

Support and comfort the doctors and health professionals
on the front line and all the carers in carrying out their service.

You, who are the source of all good,
bless the entire human family abundantly,
remove all evil from us and grant us firm faith, hope and love.

Free us from the epidemic that is affecting us
so that we can return to our usual occupations calmly
and praise you and thank you with a renewed heart.

In you we trust and raise our plea to you because you, Father, are the author of life, and with your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, in unity with the Holy Spirit, live and reign forever and ever. Amen.
Mary, our Mother, health of the sick, pray for us!