Feast of the Baptism of the Lord
Baptisms in the parish have really be effected by the Covid 19 restrictions, as families couldn’t travel, celebrate or mix the generations safely. So congratulations to all who were baptised during the year, thanks for your patience to those who are still waiting, hopefully it won’t be too long before those celebrations can take place.

Support for the Collections
Many thanks for your extraordinary generosity this Christmas, first for the St Vincent De Paul collection and then for the Christmas Dues both the poor of the parish and the priests of parish and beyond are blessed by your kindness which is greatly appreciated. Also for those who contribute by standing order, online or by using the ‘Tap and Pay’ terminal.

Parish Office
There is no public access to the Parish Office during Level 5 restrictions. Please contact the office by phone at 2881271 between 9 and 11 from Monday to Friday. Thank You.

Level 5 Restrictions
We are delighted that the Church can remain open for private prayer during this time of level 5 restrictions, while the liturgies move online. Our thanks to all those who arrange to open and close the church, maintain the sanitising and ensure that our visitors find the church warm and clean. It takes real commitment from a number of parish volunteers and staff to make this happen.

Schools closure
The schools in the parish are closed at least until the end of the month, the children will persevere with online learning and families do their best to adapt to this change in schedule. We hope and pray that the schools will be able to reopen as soon as possible and send our best wishes to all the staff, teachers and the wider school community. Please keep them in your prayers.

Parish Liturgy
Thanks to everyone who prepared and animated the liturgies of Christmas, those who arranged the MassPass, the decorations and flowers, the various ministries, the music, stewarding and sanitising the celebrants and all who joined in the prayers in person or by web streaming, it was so uplifting, joyful and full of faith.