Dear brothers and sisters,

Today, the liturgy speaks to us about the parable of the “Good Samaritan,” taken from the Gospel of Luke. It, in its simple and inspiring story, indicates a way of life, in which the centre of gravity is not ourselves, but others, with their difficulties, who we encounter on our journey and who make us question ourselves. Others make us question ourselves. And when others do not have this effect on us, something there is not right; something in such hearts is not Christian. Jesus uses this parable when speaking to the doctor of the law about the twofold commandment that allows you to enter into eternal life: ‘to love God with all your heart and your neighbour as yourself ’

It is not up to us to try to categorise people, to see if they count as our neighbours. Rather, the decision to be, or not be a neighbour, depends on us. It depends on me. It depends on me to be or not be a neighbour to the person I meet who has need of my help, even if he’s a stranger, or even hostile. And Jesus concludes: “GO AND DO LIKEWISE’ , It’s a great lesson! And He says to each of us: “Go and do likewise,” especially to the brother or sister you see in trouble. “Go and do likewise.’” do good works, do not just say words that go to the wind. By the good works that we do with love and joy for others, our faith grows and bears fruit. Let us ask ourselves – each of us responding in our heart – is our faith fruitful? does our faith produce good works? or it is rather sterile, and therefore more dead than alive? Am I ‘the neighbour’ or do I simply just pass along? Or am I among those who select people according to their own pleasure? it’s good to ask ourselves these questions and often because, in the end, we will be judged on the works of mercy. The lord will say to us: ‘But you, you remember that time ? that man was me half dead, do you remember? that hungry child was me, do you remember? the migrant who many want to drive out it was me. Those grandparents alone, abandoned in nursing homes, it was me. That sick person alone in the hospital, that no one goes to see, was me.

May the Virgin Mary help us to walk along the paths of generous love towards others, the path of the Good Samaritan. May you help us live the main commandment that Christ left us. And this is the way to enter into eternal life.