God’s word is always calling out to us anew, inviting us to ways of seeing more keenly and hearing more deeply. What are today’s readings bringing to my attention?

Isaiah, in the First Reading, offers a theme as he calls us to see what needs to be seen, to hear properly, to move lithely and with purpose, and to speak honestly and with joy.

The Psalm, also, speaks of profound attentiveness as it invites us to notice the Lord’s priorities – the oppressed and needy come before all else. I might ask how this sits with today’s culture and with my own daily life-choices?

In both Second Reading and Gospel, we are left in no doubt about those whom God chooses. Through today’s word, the Lord is making an appeal to me – to notice, to be moved and to imitate.

Let’s pray, this week, that we ourselves might be opened to the wonders of the Lord and also to his challenges as we try to resist being closed to the plight of those whom God raises to first place.