Ireland has a unique privilege in relation to the Station Masses and Mass in the home. The acceptance of Mass in someone’s family home as a normal thing, as part of the regular liturgical practice of the Church, has its roots in Penal times. When Mass was forbidden, and Mass in church buildings was not an option, people went to great lengths and suffered great hardship and risk in order to attend Mass at a Mass Rock, on a hillside or in a hidden glen. It was the Mass that mattered, and not where it was celebrated.

We, the descendants of the people of Penal times and famine times in Ireland, have inherited the privilege that they won for us by their faith and their suffering and their courage. The Station Mass was also a way of gathering neighbours together and keeping alive the spirit of community. In our parish how about bringing the idea of station Masses alive and reconnecting to our hard won and sacred legacy. If anyone reading this, with courage, would like to invite their neighbours into their home for a Mass then get going! In the month of May 2018 if you would like to organise a Mass as suggested please contact the parish office at 01 2881271 or and check the availability of one of the priests of the parish who will gladly come to celebrate.