The readings this week give us an opportunity to step back from the
busyness of our everyday lives to consider more deeply the riches we have been given, and what it is we truly value.

In the First Reading, the spirit of Wisdom has come to the writer through prayer. Beside her, everything else that might be valued on earth seems worthless, and pales into insignificance.

The Psalmist revels in the joy that comes from knowing the love of God, and witnessing to God’s glory. It is through constantly pursuing wisdom of heart that we will be sustained in our service of the Lord.

In the Second Reading the author of the letter to the Hebrews likens the word of God to a sword that can penetrate every aspect of our lives. Living and acting in accordance with the word draws us ever closer to the God who knows and loves us through and though.

These themes of wisdom, selfless values, and service to the Lord are drawn together in the Gospel story of the rich young man, whose attachment to wealth prevents him from truly following Jesus.

Through this encounter, Jesus teaches that whatever we leave behind to follow him will be far surpassed by the treasures we will inherit in heaven.

During this week, we might pray for the gift of ever greater wisdom to help us recognise and seize every opportunity to show our love of God through the good we do each day.