On this feast day we are reminded not only of those Saints who have gone before us, but also of the many inspirational people living saintly lives here on earth. The example of their lives of love and service inspire us on our own journey to the promise of eternal life.

In the First Reading we see John’s vision of heaven and the multitude rejoicing there. In the presence of God the Father and Jesus (here in the guise of the sacrificial Lamb of God), praise and glory and thanksgiving are offered.

The Psalm speaks to us of God’s gift of creation, the earth and everything in it. The psalmist reminds us of the blessings that will come to those who seek the Lord through living life with clean hands and pure heart.

In the Second Reading, St John’s letter speaks of the love lavished upon us by God the Father. As children of God, we may at times find ourselves at odds with the values of the world, but we are promised a future in which the mystery of God will be revealed to us.

Jesus’s teaching in the Gospel outlines the wealth of blessings that come from living our lives well, and serving others. We are again reminded that although being true to his example may lead to persecution and rejection, we will be rewarded in heaven.

This week, we ask the Lord’s help to be generous with our prayers, our time, and our possessions in responding to the plight of those in our world who experience the harsh realities of persecution, loss and injustice on a daily basis.