One day recently, when the church was open for a funeral, a parishioner slipped in to light a candle. As I passed by, her immediate response was to apologise for doing this. I lifted my hands in a “no problem” gesture. She then explained the reason for her visit, a sudden crisis in her family, she was terribly distressed. Coming in to the sacred space, to Our Lady’s altar, saying a prayer of petition, lighting the candle and having a quick word with her priest I hope brought her some comfort and relief. It has been unbearable for many weeks to have the doors of the church closed, not being able to welcome parishioners with their petitions and prayers. Now thankfully we can reopen the church for private prayer and quiet visits. The normal schedule will be from mid morning to early evening each day. Sanitzers will be available and helpfully everyone will adhere to the regulations which the government have prescribed for us. Please keep the visits short and don’t join in prayers with others and we can all enjoy this new found freedom. Please continue to follow the Mass at either Mount Merrion, or from Kilmacud where Fr Paddy is resuming saying Mass for us by webcam. In the coming weeks we will be planning for the return to celebrating public Mass and we are looking forward to that very much. In the meantime keep well, stay safe, look after each other.

Fr Joe