On this ‘Sunday of the Word of God’, we are invited to deepen our relationship with the Lord through our devotion and dedication to reading and praying with scripture. In each reading, we hear how the Spirit of the Lord revives, liberates, sustains, unites and gives life.

The law of the Lord is read out by Ezra (First Reading), and the people are taught to celebrate it. The joy of the Lord is their stronghold.

The Psalm celebrates God’s law of love: each line is a litany of the comfort, joy and strength that can be drawn from the Word of God.

Paul teaches that although the Christian community is very diverse, with different strengths and perspectives, we are all united in the Spirit of the Lord though our baptism (Second Reading).

Jesus, filled with the spirit of the Lord, reads from the word of God and proclaims that Isaiah’s prophecy is embodied and fulfilled in him (Gospel). Jesus liberates, heals, transforms and brings good news.

As followers of Jesus who are united by the living Spirit of God, this is our calling too. With our lives centred on Scripture, the living word of God, we are not alone as we pray. We belong to a living, transforming community of believers united by our baptism. We share the same joy expressed by the Psalmist, and are guided by the word of God that the prophets proclaimed. Let us pray that our lives will be a testament to the liberating, healing teachings that Jesus embodied.